Guide to file converting

Here you will find a guide for converting files to .STL format from the common CAD softwares. It is important that the file is saved in a high resolution, as the quality of the 3D print depends on the model’s solution.


PTC Creo Parametric

  1. File>Save As>Save A Copy
  2. Choose Stereolithography (*.stl) from Type menu
  3. Click OK
  4. Set Chord Height to 0
  5. Leave Angle Control on the default value
  6. OK

Autodesk Inventor 2013

  1. File>Save As>Save Copy As
  2. Choose STL files from the filtype menu.
  3. Click on Options and choose High under resolution.
  4. Click on OK>Save.


  1. File>Save as
  2. Choose Filtype and then STL
  3. Click Options and choose Fine
  4. OK
  5. Click Save
  6. Ja


  1. Tools>Options>General>Display>Performance>3D accuracy
  2. Set Fixed=0,01
  3. Choose File>Save as
  4. Choose Filtype>STL
  5. Enter the file name > OK

Siemens NX

  1. File>Export>STL
  2. Choose Output Type>Binary
  3. Set Triangle Tolerance>0.0025
  4. Set Adjacency Tolerance>0.12
  5. Set Auto Normal Gen>On
  6. Set Normal Display>Off
  7. Set Triangle Display>On
  8. OK

3D studio max

  1. Choose the part which must be exported
  2. File>Export
  3. Choose file type StereoLitho (*.stl) indicate the file name, and click SAVE
  4. Name the part and click OK
  5. OK