What is 3D print?

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3D print is a production of parts in different materials straight from a 3D file. The method gives you a prototype or a sample within a short period of time and is in that way optimal for testing design ideas or functionality during the development process. The method is called Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping or RPT. In Rapid Manufacturing, the 3D print-technology is used to produce parts for the end user, and the part is produced directly from the CAD file, which reduces production costs. Rapid manufacturing is ideal for small series and complicated parts.

3D printed prototypes can be beneficial when used in product development, to experience a more effective process and to reduce the time of development and time to market. The use of prototypes also helps to secure a better product and reduces the need of prototype tools and changing of the tools.

DAVINCI is leading the market of 3D print and possess a large and highly technological machinepark. We offer the full package of prototypes from small, detailed parts to large presentation models. DAVINCI produces both single prototypes and large production series.

DAVINCI offers:

• Prototypes in various plastic types, wax and plaster
• Multicomponent models
• 1:1 or scale models
• Finishing and painting models
• Show models or function models for test