Product presentation


Efficient and visually appealing presentation of your products or services

A professional visualisation can be an efficient way to present a product or a service. The presentation can consist of physical models, still photos, renderings and animations, which makes the message readily accessible and intelligible.

Common for every type of product presentation is that you create convincing visual material for display of ideas, concepts, products and services.

DAVINCI performs:

  • Visualisation of products for brochures and product sheets
  • Animation for illustration of functionality or general marketing
  • Physical presentation models and scale models
  • User manuals and assembly guides
  • Safety instructions
  • CD/DVD manufacturing

DAVINCI redrafts your sketches, photos, 2D- or 3D CAD files, and creates an interactive 3D model, which can be used for presentations. We can furthermore create photorealistic images for visualisation of how a product looks like in different settings.

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