The history behind DAVINCI


DAVINCI development was founded in April 2000 by Lars Pedersen and Ole Lykke Jensen, and the company has since then had its head office in Billund.

Originally the company was called 3D Wizards, but because a lot of people associated the name with programming of computer games, the company’s name was changed to DAVINCI development in November 2001. In October 2005 the company was changed to a Limited company.

Focus on product development and software

To begin with DAVINCI development’s focus was primarily on product development of plastic parts in the softwares called Unigraphics, IDEAS and Imageware. These three software packages are today integrated in the 3D program Siemens NX.

Later on, the licences for Pro/Engineer, CATIA, Inventor and SolidWorks were bought. Today, DAVINCI has all five previously mentioned 3D CAD programs. Beside this, DAVINCI has Solid Edge, the FEA program ANSYS and the plastic float simulation tool Moldflow.

DAVINCI grows exponentially in employees

In April 2002, the first engineer (besides the two owners) was hired and an additional engineer was hired five months later, due to the growing amount of assignments. The number of employees grew over the next couple of years, and a lot of different profiles were hired. It ranged from tool designers and mechanical engineers, to salesmen, office assistants and multimedia people.

DAVINCI gets prototype machines

In April 2002 the first prototype machine was bought, a Pattern Master, which produces very exact prototypes.

In December 2003, the next prototype machine was bought, a Viper SLA, and DAVINCI development became the first in Denmark to produce SLA parts in a unique quality and grade of details, and with a layer thickness as low as 0,025 mm.

Six months later, an OBJET Eden 260 machine was bought, which produces parts by mean of PolyJet 3D print technology. This is a much faster process than SLA and with a nice level of details.

In August 2005, another prototype machine was bought, a very stable SLS HQ HS machine, which starts Rapid Manufacturing. SLS parts are strong and relatively cheap, and is therefore used in several cases for field test and small series production. The technology can also be used for production in large series for products with high complexity.

In February 2007, another pioneering machine was bought, a Objet Connex 500, which can produce 2-component parts. This strengthened DAVINCI’s position as leading within 3D printing. Many machines have been bought since then, among these is a new Viper SLA machine in the Copenhagen department, and a ProJet CPX 3000 plus for production of wax parts to high precision moulding of metal parts, and an extra SLS machine.

Expansion of DAVINCI development

In January 2008, DAVINCI development expanded for the first time with a new development department in Sønderborg in Forskerparken Alsion. In Marts 2011, DAVINCI expanded again, this time with a development- and prototype department in Copenhagen (Skovlunde), and latest in August 2014 with a development department in Navitas in Aarhus. In 2015 the departments in Aarhus and Skovlunde were significantly expanded to accommodate our new employees in the departments. In October 2016 we changed the address in Aarhus to Bushøjvænget 129 – 8270 Højbjerg

DAVINCI development A/S changes name to DAVINCI 3D A/S

Due to unlucky circumstances the company DAVINCI development A/S had to close in October 2017. Based on DAVINCI development A/S the new company DAVINCI 3D A/S opened in November 2017. Thereby all the knowledge, obtained through the many years DAVINCI development A/S existed, is maintained – both within 3D print and also a great deal within engineering.

DAVINCI 3D A/S is primarily working with 3D print production, sale and marketing of HP 3D printers, as well as a small part of engineering, which is primarily conducted by external collaborators.

Timeline over the development in DAVINCI development

  1. 2016

    The Aarhus department moves to new facilities on Bushøjvænget 129 in Højbjerg
    CAD software – KissSoft introduced in the development department
    CAD software – SolidWorks Flow Simulation introduced in the development department
    CAD software – StaadPro introduced in the development department

  2. 2015

    Solid Edge introduced

  3. 2014

    Receives Gazelle price for the fifth time
    Opens new office in Aarhus

  4. 2012

    New ZPrinter 650 prototype machine

  5. 2011

    New sPRO 60 HS SLS prototype machine
    March opens new department in Skovlunde, Copenhagen.
    ProJet CPX 3000 plus wax machine purchased

  6. 2010

    DAVINCI’s 10th anniversary is celebrated with great reception

  7. 2008

    Objet Eden 500V RPT machine purchased
    Objet Connex 500 RPT machine purchased
    DAVINCI establishes development department in Sønderborg

  8. 2007

    SolidWorks introduced
    DAVINCI moves into new headquarters – 839 m2

  9. 2006

    Inventor introduced

  10. 2005

    The company is converted to a A / S
    HiQ HS SLS RPT machine purchased
    Z 510 RPT machine purchased

  11. 2004

    Objet Eden 260 RPT machine purchased

  12. 2003

    Viper SLA RPT machine purchased
    Catia introduced
    DAVINCI provides visualization and animation
    DAVINCI offers FEM calculations

  13. 2002

    DAVINCI provides tool design
    Pro / Engineer introduced

  14. 2001

    DAVINCI begin to provide SLA and SLS topics
    The company changes its name to DAVINCI Development ApS
    Ideas and Imageware introduced

  15. 2000

    Unigraphics introduced
    Lars Pedersen and Ole Lykke Jensen establishes 3D Wizards Aps