3D engineering and design optimisation for HOWE

3D engineering and design optimisation of table

The office- and conference furniture firm HOWE A/S contacted DAVINCI, because they wanted to cooperate in the further development of their existing Tempest Flip-Top table. HOWE’s designers had created a nice and stylish design, modelled in 3D, which was not ready for production. In short, the design was defined, but the actual construction did not satisfy every demand regarding strength and stability.

Communication and sparring

DAVINCI’s development engineers were assigned to the project, where communication and sparring with HOWE’s development team and external designers was a big part of the task. From DAVINCI’s side it was important that it was a stabile and production-friendly product, which preserved the elegant and stylish design. At the prototype stage, DAVINCI managed the production of workable prototypes via in-house 3D printing. In addition to this, DAVINCI handled the production of components by casting and processing.

The result of the project is a more appealing, stylish and functional product than before, developed within the budget. The product price is at same level as before, which is a result of elegant technical solutions, FEA calculations and process optimisation.

Thank you to HOWE A/S for use of photos.