3D printed scale model of an oil field

Model of Mærsk’s oil field in the Qatar-alley

DAVINCI has produced three identical scale models for Mærsk by means of 3D printing and traditional model-work. The miniature-models are in the scale 1:750 and are a copy of Mærsk’s offshore installations in the Al Shaheen field in Qatar with nine large platforms, two large oil tankers, ships, helicopters etc. The field produces 330.000 barrels oil daily.

3D printed elements combined with craft

The starting point of the production of the detailed scale model was the original 2D drawings of production platforms, drilling rigs, ships etc. Every original measurement was scaled down, and there was decided on the proportion between strength, size and visual presentation.

Earlier, all the elements of presentation models were produced manually, but with the 3D print-technology available, the process can be made much faster and elements can be more detailed. A model like this, however, still requires craft, magnifying glasses, tweezers and glue.

Every assembled model of Mærsk’s production setup in Qatar measures 3 x 1,5 meters. The three models were delivered to Mærsk’s head office at the esplanade in Copenhagen, to the site and the government in Qatar. Besides these, a section of the model is on display at DAVINCI in Billund.