CE-marking of a 3D printed lamp

Production and CE-marking of a lamp from 3XN

The architectural firm 3XN approached DAVINCI with a finished design of a new lamp series called White Circles. The lamp should be produced via 3D printing and obtain a CE certification.

3D print and production optimisation

DAVINCI produced White Circles in durable and flexible nylon using SLS technology. The production method has been optimized continuously to ensure a profitable production of the lamp in the future.

CE-marking and technical dossier

As a part of making the lamp ready for sale, DAVINCI were in charge of CE-marking the lamp. The CE-marking included a number of experiments, to make sure that single parts and the assembled lamp lives up to all demands and applied standards. The lamp was among other things tested for its mechanical strength by means of drop-test and experiments with an exaggerated load on the wire reliever. Beyond this, thermal experiments, test of combustible materials and comprehensive experiments with socket and light bulb were conducted. Finally, all results and relevant documents were gathered in a technical dossier.

In addition to the process of CE-marking the lamp, DAVINCI also drew up a user manual and an installation guide.