Concept development of draught beer system for Micro Matic

DAVINCI develops new concept for a draught beer system

The company Micro Matic, which leads in development and production of draught beer systems, approached DAVINCI development with a rough prototype of BEVmate, the world’s first draught beer system based on a new and patented technology. The system eliminates the need of cleaning, expensive CO2 bottles and return of barrels by use of disposable barrels and beer tubes made in plastic. The BEVmate compresses the barrel with a force of two tons, from a volume on 20 liters down to a thin shell, which can be thrown in the bin.

Several concepts brought into play

The task of turning Micro Matic’s original prototype into a sellable product, demanded 4-5 different concepts in order to find the most optimal combination of functionality, aesthetics, cost price and user-friendliness. In addition to this, the product should be simple to produce and the parts should be easy to dispose after use.

Optimisation of design resulted in a significant weight- and price reduction

When the final concept was decided on, DAVINCI designed a detailed 3D model. The model went through comprehensive FEA simulations to optimize the design and reduce the material consumption and thereby the cost price. The process of optimising the product resulted in a reduction of the machine’s weight by 50% and a corresponding reduction in the price.

3D printing in the final stage

Two prototype loops were performed in order to fine-tune the functionality, aesthetics and user interface. The prototypes were built with a large share of 3D printed prototype parts produced in SLS, which is a fast manufacturing process and which produces solid and durable parts. The process provided Micro Matic with effective feedback and, as a result, they were able to start a pilot series production of BEVmate with 3D printed parts.