Composite staircase for Svømmestadion Danmark

Development and engineering of a corrosion-free staircase

DAVINCI has participated in the development and engineering of a corrosion-free staircase for Svømmestadion Danmark in Esbjerg. Svømmestadion Danmark wanted a more robust, durable and aesthetically appealing solution than before. This should, among other things, be done by substituting materials to avoid problems with superficial corrosion.

DAVINCI managed the design and 3D engineering of the staircase, and the development happened primarily in cooperation with Plast Center Danmark and Dansk Polyglas A/S. The result was a spindle staircase in an elegant design, produced entirely in plastic composites.

Maintenance-free in a stylish design

The design of the staircase is stylish with rounded edges and a corian-like surface. It is especially suitable for corrosion-aggressive environments such as indoor swimming pools. However, it is also suitable in buildings, where low maintenance is a priority. The displayed staircase consists of white painted fibre glass elements with black balusters in carbon fibre.