Model of the winning 24-hours Le Mans racing car

DAVINCI has produced a 1:1 model of the winning Le Mans racing car

DAVINCI was assigned to produce a 1:1 model of a racing car, the Porsche RS Spyder. The original was no longer available, and there was no access to CAD data. The task was therefore tackled by means of reverse engineering, where a toy model in the proportion 1:43 was 3D scanned and formed the basis for a 3D CAD model. In addition to this, a number of photos from Le Mans were used in the process.

DAVINCI 3D printed a model in scale 1:10, which was painted and approved by Porsche’s R&D department. There were used several different 3D print technologies to produce a realistic model, consisting of several types of materials with various levels of hardness.

Combination of modelwork and 3D print

The model was subsequently milled in 1:1 on a five-axis milling machine at a sub supplier’s facility. First, the base was milled in polystyrene and the model pasta was subsequently added. It was milled down to a finished surface, which resulted in a light core of polystyrene and a 10 mm hard shell. By use of the SLS 3D print technology, DAVINCI produced the side-view mirrors and mounted these and the spoiler on the milled model.

Next, the car was grinded, painted and wrapped up in foil with the original colours and logo. Lastly, the model was sent to France, where it today is an exclusive representative for Michelin’s Green X Challenge-concept in the exhibition at Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand.