Rapid Manufacturing for city bikes in Odense

Rapid Manufacturing for city bikes in Odense

DAVINCI has cooperated with A/S Kurt Hansen Projekt, who was assigned to develop and produce a new city bike system in Odense. The system makes it possible to rent bikes via mobile phones, by dialing code that unlocks the matching bike. In connection to this, they needed a complex plastic part for the encapsulation of the data management system.

To begin with, they tried using standard plastic cabinets, but the plastic turned out to be too thick. The result was that the signal could barely penetrate the plastic, and it would therefore not live up to the criteria. Because the number of units was only 280, a traditional production of a specially developed cabinet would be too expensive. Rapid Manufacturing was in that way an obvious production method.

3D print for production of end product

The A/S Kurt Hansen Projekt has used Rapid Prototyping in their traditional development processes through many years and therefore knew about the opportunities of 3D printing. They chose in cooperation with DAVINCI to work on a solution, where the 280 parts could be 3D printed in SLS. With the SLS technology and the collaboration with DAVINCI, A/S Kurt Hansen Projekt succeeded in producing a very complex plastic part, which satisfied all demands and gave problem-free computer control.