Portable grease lubrication system for YGS

Effective development and design of a grease lubrication system

DAVINCI’s customer Your Global Solution (YGS) asked DAVINCI to develop a portable grease lubrication system. The task included a number of complex, technical demands, including a high lubrication pressure and grease-flow (250 bar and 250 ml/min), automatic control of the lubrication, a compact and low-weight system (max. 25 kg), and short time for development.

Developing the pump

DAVINCI therefore started developing a completely new pump, based on the listed requirements. At the development stage, DAVINCI cooperated with end-users, production workers and electric operations experts to ensure that it was fully functional from the first prototype.

In the design process, it was especially the strength requirements and the ability to easily assemble the components, which were in focus. The pump was designed as a piston pump, made primarily of aluminium parts.

Turn-key solution

Besides development and 3D engineering of the lubrication system, DAVINCI also managed the testing of the pump. The result of the project for YGS was a finished product, which satisfies every need, developed in a month.