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DAVINCI has now complete ISO certification

DAVINCI development is now ISO 9001 certified.

At DAVINCI we can say, that the quality is now at the best, when our engineers produce 3D designs, calculations of strength and flow simulations for clients. DAVINCI development achieved in December 2013 a ISO 9001 certification in the company’s largest business area, consultative engineer work.

“Naturally we are proud to have achieved certification without written remarks, and even as the first within our area,” explains manager Ole Lykke Jensen, who hopes that the rest of the industry also will get certified and secure the clients equal high quality and documented processes.

ISO certified prototypes

Beside delivering consultative engineer services, DAVINCI development is also Denmark’s leading supplier of 3D printed prototypes. Also here the company can guarantee high quality, because this part of the business has been ISO certified since 2012.

“ISO certification of our 3D print-department was a milestone for us, because we also on this business area are the only danish supplier, who can satisfy the ISO standards. The 3D print-department was recertified in the fall, and that means, that we now only perform activities with a solid seal of approval”, says Ole Lykke Jensen.

Contact Reza Jan Larsen on phone number. 2243 4553, if you want to hear more about DAVINCI’s services and which meaning the ISO certification has for you.

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