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DAVINCI 3D invests in the latest technology

The Danish company DAVINCI 3D becomes the first full-scale 3D printing service bureau to invest in a Freeform Injection Molding system from AddiFab.

Investing in a Freeform Injection Molding system (FIM) supports the wish of DAVINCI 3D to become supplier of both 3D printed and injection molded prototypes and final parts, in technology relevant batch sizes. DAVINCI 3D is one of Scandinavia’s largest and most experienced 3D printing service providers. The company is, besides being able to deliver 3D printed components in most professional 3D printing technologies, also both user and reseller of HP’s 3D printers.

Moving into Injection Molding is a long wished and well considered move. DAVINCI 3D has for quite some time had the wish to bring Injection Molding on the table, when discussing solutions for prototyping, final products, initial production runs, and spare parts, with the customers. Ole Lykke Jensen (Owner of DAVINCI 3D) explains his move this way:

“Our customers are perfectly happy with our services within 3D printed components as viewing models and for initial form and fit tests. But as we are often met with well-defined specific material and structural demands, which are only achievable through Injection Molding, we have been looking for a way to offer Injection Molding as a service too. In terms of injection molded prototypes, initial production runs, and other low-volume applications, the FIM technology is probably one of the largest risk reducers at all, as the up-front investment in normal injection mold tooling can be both expensive and time consuming”.

FIM offers the possibility to quickly produce and iterate on components in the final material and production process, but without the high initial and re-work tooling costs. By integrating FIM in the technology portfolio DAVINCI 3D is now able to deliver components in the wished material, produced through a scalable technology which is based on Injection Molding, while still benefiting from the short lead-times, low start-up costs, and design freedom, known from 3D Printing.

The Freeform Injection Molding technology is based on 3D printed injection mold inserts. The process is quite simple to explain; first a mold insert is 3D printed in one of the special AddiFab resins, subsequently material is injected into the printed mold insert via standard injection molding, and the mold is then dissolved. The complete FIM system is now installed at DAVINCI 3D, and ready to operate.

Ole Lykke Jensen continues:

“In the coming weeks we will receive training by the AddiFab technicians and start up the first projects.

We have a small injection molding machine ready, and more will be installed as soon as we have learned from the first experience. The huge amount of 3D printing knowledge already in our company is of course a benefit, both when designing mold inserts for 3D printing, and when operating the AddiFab equipment. Several members of our staff – including myself – have a background within design and/or production of injection molded components. We are ready to discuss the inquiries our customers from any industry may have regarding this new FIM technology, and we will very soon be ready to deliver Freeform Injection Molded components as well”.


Picture: Ole Lykke Jensen with installed FIM system