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DAVINCI development extends with a department in Aarhus

At DAVINCI development we have through a longer period of time had a strategic cooperation with Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. It is among other things this cooperation, that does, that we are expanding with a department in the new innovation house Navitas on the harbour in Aarhus. We want to get closer to our clients in the Aarhus area, and to the other participants in the research projects, we are a part of. Simultaneous we hope of a larger opportunity to expand the research cooperation in the future and initiate more exciting projects.

Centre of energy, innovation and education

Navitas will be Aarhus’ new centre for energy, innovation and education, and the intention with the building is to create a leading research centre and innovative environment. Beside housing Ingeniørhøjskolen, Aarhus University and Aarhus Maskinmesterskole, the offices are rent out to entrepreneurs and established companies. Navitas offers meeting facilities, which gives DAVINCI larger flexibility to conduct of client meetings other places than in Billund.

Moving in August 2014

DAVINCI’s offices in Navitas were occupancy ready in the beginning of August, and development engineer and teamleader Mathias Slyngborg from the Billund department is now the daily leader of the Aarhus-office. The expectation is that more development engineers should be hired to the office in Aarhus, and there should be an engineer trainee permanently.