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DAVINCI master FEA calculations

DAVINCI master FEA calculations.

With increased focus on lifting, transport, and handling DAVINCI have chosen to invest in another FEA calculation tool that meets our customers’ growing needs. The program’s name is StaadPro and used in the calculation of lattice structures for construction, shipping industry, offshore and Oil & Gas.
Using StaadPro, in connection with the structural design, they involve engineers are quickly aware of the utilization of the structures. The program provides very accurate results. With StaadPro it is possible to calculate in all common engineering materials including steel, aluminum, concrete and wood.

StaadPro typically used in the following cases:

  • Gitterkonstruktioner containing profile elements
  • Crane systems and lifting aids
  • Platforms, stairs, and balconies
  • Sea fastening for wind turbine components
  • Grid Foundations for wind turbines
  • Helidecks
  • Masts and antennas
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