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DAVINCI has delivered and installed the first HP Jet Fusion 3D printers in Denmark

DAVINCI development A/S is a Danish HP Certified 3D Print Partner of HP’s new and highly efficient 3D printer. With this groundbreaking technology, it is possible to 3D print both prototypes and production parts in large scale, faster and cheaper than ever before.

In August, DAVINCI delivered and installed the first HP Jet Fusion 3D printer at Danfoss A/S, who chose to locate the 3D printer in their high-tech ADM center in Nordborg. In connection to this, Werner Stapela, Global Head of Additive Design & Manufacturing at Danfoss, says:

The HP 4200 provides us with a further AM technology in our ADM competence center, and in this case not only for prototyping and tooling, but for early ramp up of small volume production in plastic parts also. We also believe that the current narrow material focus (PA 12) will broaden quickly, given HP’s open platform material approach, and that a broader spectrum of materials will appear in late 2017 and 2018.

Werner Stapela, Global Head of Additive Design & Manufacturing, Danfoss

Ole Lykke Jensen, CEO of DAVINCI development, states that “DAVINCI became a Danish reseller of HP’s 3D printers in May 2017, and has since then worked tirelessly on educating employees in every aspect of HP’s new 3D print technology. Our demo machine was installed in Billund in week 30, and we have just installed the first end-user printer at one of our customers’ facilities in week 31. The fact that it was Danfoss, who became the first end-user in Denmark to invest in HP’s brand new 3D print technology, does not surprise me in any way. Danfoss in one of Denmark’s leading high-tech companies, and an organization that often steps up and shows the way. By investing in the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D print technology, Danfoss has taken a major step within 3D printing, which strengthens its ability to develop products faster and better than ever before. Danfoss has paved its way to producing finished production parts in a larger scale via 3D printing.”

CEO of DAVINCI development A/S, Ole Lykke Jensen (right), and Product / Account Manager, 3D Print, Søren Ølholm Larsen (left)
CEO, Ole Lykke Jensen (right), and  Product / Account Manager, 3D Print, Søren Ølholm Larsen (left).

The new HP Jet Fusion 3D printer produces parts of higher quality and up to 10 times faster than current 3D print systems. It is already possible to achieve savings up to 50% compared to the closest competition, the SLS technology, which is one of the most common 3D print technologies used today.

HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D technology paves the way for unprecedented opportunities regarding the printing material. In the future, the technology makes it possible to develop materials with electrical features, transparency, various rigidities, surface textures and multiple colors, and a combination of these features. Where 3D printing previously has been used primarily for producing prototypes, show models and production of small-scale series, the HP Jet Fusion 3D printer significantly influences the potential use of 3D printing, in relation to the size of production series, which becomes financially viable to produce via 3D printing.